Why Should You Publish on Kindle?

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Here are the Simple Reasons Why Kindle Should Be Your Publisher Of Choice

There are lots of great reasons why you should Publish On Kindle and it makes perfect sense. These days publishing has a whole new look, and it is incredibly easy for authors to get published and present their ideas and information to the entire world. Today you do not have to mail a paper manuscript around to publishing houses and wait around to see if your work has been rejected or accepted. Today, thanks to Kindle, you can get published right away with no muss and no fuss.

In the old days, if an author wanted to be certain of getting a book in print, the only answer was self publishing. This meant that the author had to fork over quite a chunk of change and then take delivery of a sizable amount of books and distribute those books. Many an author has crates of self published books cluttering up the attic or garage.

Print on demand was another old fashioned solution. Admittedly this was a bit better than self publishing because books were printed one at a time when purchased. For this reason, the author didn’t have to come up with a sum of money to commence the printing, and there were no huge boxes of books to cart around. Nonetheless, the author still had to sell the book, and this can be problematic for your average every day author.

Now with digital publishing on Kindle, life is easy for authors. In fact, anyone who wants to publish a book can just do so. You will not ever get a rejection letter when you decide to Publish On Kindle. That is just the first of the many great reasons why publish on Kindle is smart and sensible. Besides that, when you publish on Kindle, you can reach a tremendous audience in record time. People all over the world use Kindle to read books, so when you use Kindle as your publisher, you have a ready made target audience.

Another great thing is that you can publish all kinds of things on Kindle. You can publish your essays, reports and blogs or any other sort of writing you do. This will help you get your message out about your book and help you develop a following, but you do not have to promote your book! Amazon will make your book available online and promote it for you. You will sell lots of books, but you will never have to store a single book in your home or office. Your book will be entirely digital.

The great thing about digital books is that they are convenient and environmentally friendly. Thousands or millions of trees will not have to die because of your book, yet thousands or millions of people will be able to read your book quickly, easily and affordable. Speaking of affordability, publishing on Kindle is pretty affordable for the author, too. In fact, it’s completely free!

Clearly there are many excellent reasons Why Publish On Kindle, so what are you waiting for. Find out how you can get your thoughts read by millions today!


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