Why Become A Published Author? Will Anyone Read My Work?

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Have you ever corrected the words written on your refrigerator with magnetic letters by your five-year-old? Do you dream in chapters and wake up to make notes on a pad you keep by the bed? Have you ever rewritten your grocery list because it could have been presented better? Congratulations. You’re a writer.

Has anyone read what you’ve written? If the answer is no, you need to get your product published on Kindle. Unread words have no power and no importance.

Amazon.com offers books of any length in its Kindle section. The name “Kindle” used to refer to the hand held ebook reader by that name. Now, anyone with a computer, smart phone, iPad or almost any other electronic device with a screen can download a book from Amazon Kindle and read it.

You can decide how much to charge, if anything. No more rejection slips. No more books with your name on them hiding treacherously in the remainder bin. Amazon.com puts Kindle books in its main database, open to the same people who shop for best sellers.

Here’s the process. Write a book, pamphlet, story or instruction manual. Pick out an image to have on the cover. Go to Amazon’s Kindle publishing program at http://kdp.amazon.com and sign up. The account is free. You’ll see a terms of service agreement. Agree to it. Now, you’ll see your list of your books currently for sale on Kindle. It’s empty. Click on “Add new title” and you’ll be taken to the screen where you submit your book to be published. Enter the information requested; title, description, authors, image, target audience and the actual book document from your computer. Amazon will give you a chance to see the way others will see your book on a Kindle device. Select your royalty system, and it’s done. By the way, eBook publishing is perfect for writers who compulsively edit their work over and over again. You can change the words in your book anytime you want to, for free.  Sign up to receive your copy of these exact steps here: http://riveredgepublishing.com/services.

No editor will harass you with needless changes. Your book will be available to buyers after 24 hours and you’ll start earning royalties. You’ll need to publicize the book, yourself, in blogs, Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you can find, but the publishing is done. Your book will be distributed globally, worldwide and can be sold in different languages. Note please: you have to write it in that language. Amazon doesn’t translate.

Publishing books through Kindle is perfect for niche markets. Are you obsessed with model trains? You can publish a book on your personal accomplishments and advertise it to your fellow mode train hobbyists. You retain rights to the book. If it’s picked up for a movie, you’re the sole owner.

If you want your book on real paper with a cover that can be held in the hand while taking a bath, go to Createspace, a division of Amazon.com. They publish your book in an “on demand” format. It isn’t printed until someone buys it online. The iBookstore is run by Apple Computers through an Apple app on Apple electronic devices. It has free, public-domain books as well as books and magazines for sale. The self-publishing process in the iBookstore equals Amazon and Createspace.

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