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Tens of thousands of digital books are published every single month. Amazon Kindle Store published 908,226 Non Fiction titles and 576,276 Fiction Titles in 2012.  The non-fiction topics vary from Reference, to Woman’s Studies, to Travel to Sports and everything in between.  The Fiction titles Include Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Action & Adventure, Poetry, to Mystery & Thrillers and many more.  Have you begun publishing your world knowledge, and experience on Kindle yet?

Below are some tips and tricks to keep in mind for when you do.

1)    Concentrate on creating or outsourcing a very professional cover for your Kindle eBook.

2)    Write a compelling Introduction and give the reader a reason to purchase your Kindle Book.

3)    Create a complete Author Profile and link to your social media avenues. http://authorcentral.amazon.com

4)    Include a preview “Look Inside” when you publish your book.  Letting the reader see an actual sample is important in them making their purchase decision.

5)     Do serious research on similar book topics & titles and choose the best selling categories to list your Kindle eBook.

Almost everyone has valuable information they can share with the world.  Put it on Amazon Kindle today!

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