Kindle Success Secrets: What Beginners Need To Know

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As a new author, it’s important that you learn the easiest Kindle Success Secrets.  Read further for some insight and easy steps you can follow to begin on the right foot as a Kindle Author.

There are a little over two million Kindle books in the store and most never reach any sort of success for varying reasons. This article will give you some of the secrets to Kindle success to ensure you generate enough income to make it worth your time. The fact is there are some major common mistakes made in both publishing as well as marketing that can sink the proverbial ship and this article will help you learn how to avoid the disasters so many make and sail into the sunset on smooth waters.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make is formatting and spelling and grammar errors. Let’s be honest, most office suites appear to have a small chimp inside them correcting your mistakes so make sure you proofread your book and have others do so as well to catch any mistakes you may make. Nothing is worse, no matter what price, than reading a book that appears to have been written by a child because it wasn’t proofed or edited before publishing so make sure you have your mistakes corrected before going live.

Formatting is the next downfall of many as it tends to go like this. You write your story in your favorite processor, save as a document and then convert it to web based html which is required by Kindle for publishing. The issue is that indents wind up all over the place as well as missing page breaks etc. What many do not realize is that when you sign up as an author on Kindle, you are given directs to make your formatting a breeze and it is strongly recommended to follow it step by step as it is extremely easy to understand and produces the best results. If you are too impatient, you can have Kindle convert it for you per their terms. It’s up to you but formatting properly can save a lot of time in the long run and you do not want a bunch of reviews stating this author produces books that are difficult to read as others won’t buy your works.

Finally, we have marketing the book and this will be broke into two sections. Once your book is published, you have a choice and the ability to offer it for free for up to five days per quarter. Use these sparingly as in a couple days at a time and preferably right before the weekend. Now the free status will show as your ranking will be high after the promotion, most people buy on the weekend and will see your book at the top of the free list for the last few days and many will buy over the weekend when the price has been re-instated. You are not going to sell millions of copies unless you are a huge author but this is a start and gets the ball rolling.

Finally, you need to set up some Author pages on social media sites to market the books. These sites can direct people to the book and make your potential audience much larger. Have friends and family like your pages or re-tweet the links to their followers and friends to start building your niche and bring more eyes in your direction. Take the time to comment and reply to others including offering like for likes to reach even larger numbers. The key is to remain active and post interesting material to generate interest.

These are the major Kindle success secrets and those that you should be concerned with at first until you build a following. Focusing on proofreading and editing the content as well as proper formatting takes care of the critics while using free sites to push and market the product will deliver more than uploading the book and waiting for the reader to find you.

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