Are You Ready To Be An Author? How To Get Topics For Kindle Books

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Kindle has made it incredibly easy for aspiring writers to get their works out to the masses and build not only a nice portfolio of titles but also a decent following. One of the hardest parts is finding out what to write about and though you should always stick with what you know, that doesn’t necessarily mean the masses will be interested in the topic you have chosen. This article will help teach you how to get topics for Kindle books and set you down the path to literary creativity and success so continue reading for more information.

Finding topics to write about and distribute as Kindle books can be a bit difficult if you are looking for a subject that most readers would be interested in. One way, and quite frankly, your first stop, should be the Kindle store itself. Here you can see which books are the most popular, highest rated and best selling. You could easily download a chapter of the books to see what direction they have taken and decide if you are capable of making the subject work for your writing style. Take note of pricing as well as this does affect rankings meaning you may have a topic that is through the roof with readers and priced at less than a dollar. While Kindle readers are generally really honest in reviews, they can be a bit more favorable to a good book that costs a few cents as opposed to a great book that costs 15 dollars. Make sure you look at all the reviews and grab a chapter of those in topics you think will work in order to decide if price was a factor in a high ranking. You also need to focus on the competition in the chosen topic field. You certainly are going to have a difficult time writing a Twilight knockoff as there are thousands of vampire books geared towards teens in the store and yours being new may not get noticed without a major social media push.

Socially relevant topics are great subject matter as you can always assume that no matter what your position or view may be, half the audience will agree with your take. To narrow down a field like this, start looking at popular blogs and social media sites to see what people are talking about. Now you certainly do not want a trending topic that is here today and gone tomorrow. Make sure the topics are subjects that will be talked about for some time. A great example is the housing collapse of a few years ago. The damages are still piling up and affecting people worldwide as well as new issues arising with how the banking industry handled it all. It will be talked about for years and is a subject people continue to desire more information on.

Social media sites, as mentioned above, are also a fantastic way to get information about what is relevant to the public today. You will find people talking about everything from how to subjects, home improvement and political topics. It’s a great place to find topics for Kindle books and as you will find out when you distribute, where you go to direct people to your book.

As you can see, it’s extremely difficult to learn how to get topics for Kindle books, it’s simply where to look. If you focus on what is most popular, what sells and ranks the highest as well as what people are talking about, you will have a budding career as a Kindle Author in no time at all.

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