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How to Reach Kindle #1 Status

A #1 Kindle ranking is the goal of many published authors. Whether the book is fiction, non-fiction or poetry, having that goal is an important part of getting the amount of sales you want to see. There are a number of ways you can help boost your book’s ranking on Amazon to get right to […] Continue reading →

Top 7 Blogging Tips for Authors

Amateur and professional bloggers alike have to find ingenious ways to draw attention to themselves in their respective niches. This is especially important for bloggers who are writing in crowded niches. With the right techniques, a blogger can find ways to grow its audience and increase their personal brand visibility. There are several great ways […] Continue reading →

Books vs E-Books

Amazon is selling tens of thousands of ebooks every day.  In fact ebook sales are taking over as the #1 spot of all books sold by Amazon.  It’s pretty clear that ebooks are going to be around for a very, very long time.  As the tablets Kindle Fire and iPads get better and better, with […] Continue reading →

Getting Started with Amazon Kindle

  The first thing you need to do is set up a F.R.E.E. account with Amazon Kindle.  Go here to do that:  https://kdp.amazon.com By setting up your Kindle  Direct Publishing account you will be all set to begin writing your Kindle books and publishing them to Kindle. There are some rules you must follow and […] Continue reading →

5 Important Digital Publishing Kindle Tips

  Tens of thousands of digital books are published every single month. Amazon Kindle Store published 908,226 Non Fiction titles and 576,276 Fiction Titles in 2012.  The non-fiction topics vary from Reference, to Woman’s Studies, to Travel to Sports and everything in between.  The Fiction titles Include Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Action & Adventure, Poetry, to […] Continue reading →